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Digital Account Manager

ZonkeTech is a startup company that is steadily expanding. We are looking driven, fresh, enthusiastic Digital Business Managers to join our team. If you feel you meet the following requirements, please email us your CV and we’ll ping you back if we find your CV within acceptable latency range, you’ll be on your way to becoming our newest Sales fundi. The most honest sales job requirements yet:

  • Knowledge is Power

    Our Digital Business Manager will be required to do client research - assisting the big honcho with proposals. If you’re a fast learner, it would be a bonus, because we have some awesome business automation products that you will need to have knowledge of before meeting clients. Knowledge of information technology is essential.

  • Plan Plan Plan!

    As a Digital Business Manager, you will be required to meet monthly achievable targets. So it is important that you are organised and able to plan yourself accordingly.

  • Know how to sell

    The perfect Digital Account Manager should be able to “sell ice to an Eskimo”. If you take this literally, stop reading now! This is not the job for you!

  • There’s money to be made

    We offer lucrative commission based on achievable targets.

  • Be your own chauffeur!

    We need you to have a driver's license with a car (this will allow you to mobilize your sales skills between clients).

  • Be a team player

    Yes, we’re a small team, but a team nonetheless.

  • Be a lone range

    Yes, this contradicts the above requirements, but who said we can’t work better on a project alone?!

  • Handle Pressure

    Understand that there will be times where you will be thrown into the deep end. If you can’t handle pressure, or a few or more late nights, this may not be your fit. We understand you have priorities, but a salary is also a priority. Although, we are not heartless.

  • Experience!

    We need someone with at the very least 1-2 years’ experience.

    We will call your references!

  • Communicate!

    We appreciate silence, and silence is golden, but if you don’t understand something, the team is here to help solve your dilemma also. The team will only know your dilemma if you speak.

  • We don’t care if you have a degree.

    If you can sell, we will consider you.

Send your CV to careers@zonketech.co.za